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7 Super Health Tips for Super Busy Professionals

No matter how strong you are feeling right now – you might be running the company you’ve built or sailing through your life goals – your challenge to a healthy life is straightforward: How can you make time for healthy choices? Preparing a hearty breakfast is too time-consuming than grabbing a pre-packed granola bar every … Continue reading

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3 Myths and Facts About Immunizations

Getting immunized is an effective way to protect oneself against the life-threatening diseases by enhancing the body’s natural immune response to diseases brought by bacteria and viruses. However, there are some common myths out which make some people hesitant to get immunized. In this article, Atlantic Drugs, a renowned Prescription Pharmacy in Long Beach CA, … Continue reading

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Great Tips for Maintaining Your Health

Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle? There are a number of ways you can do exactly that! Through regular exercise, a better diet, and with some help from excellent medical supplies in Long Beach, California, it is possible to live a better and healthier life starting today. Here are two great tips you … Continue reading

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How You Can Increase Your Medication Compliance

Many of us are battling certain medical conditions that affect our lives in a negative way. We often feel pain or other symptoms associated with these conditions. Thankfully, medications are available through a doctor or a Pharmacist Prescription. These medications will be able to provide relief from such symptoms. However, there are many patients who … Continue reading

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How Can Pharmacy Delivery Help You?

There are many different kinds of services that you can expect from our prescription pharmacy in Long Beach CA, but there is one service that is commonly overlooked and that is Pharmacy Delivery. Atlantic Drugs offers free delivery services for all of our customers, and here are just a few ways that this service can … Continue reading

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