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The Difference Between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Here’s a question many people ask when looking for medication: What is the difference between generic and brand name medications? The short answer to that question would simply be the price, but why are generic medications so much more affordable compared to brand name meds if they are the same? We break it down for … Continue reading

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Shopping at Atlantic Drugs: How We Can Improve Your Pharmacy Experience

Atlantic Drugs is a Prescription Pharmacy in Long Beach CA that not only strives to offer you affordable and high-quality healthcare products and medical supplies, but we also make your experience at our drugstore as pleasant and convenient as possible. What can you expect? These are just a few of the many convenient services you … Continue reading

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Your “Everyday” Pharmacy

What are the daily health essentials you can find at Atlantic Drugs? When you visit a pharmacy, there are a number of products that you can expect to find, and Atlantic Drugs strives to keep our shelves full with the supplies you need. As a pharmacy, we offer a variety of medications, supplements, medical supplies, … Continue reading

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Keeping You Healthy this Summer: 2 Common Diseases to Watch Out For

For sure everyone has their own plans for the summer. It seems like everyone we know is getting excited to hit the beach these days or do something fun out there and enjoy the heat. Summer season is one of the most celebrated seasons in the world. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, people … Continue reading

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Medication Safety for Seniors: Tips for Caregivers

If you are taking care of an elderly loved one at home or in the healthcare setting, one of your responsibilities as a caregiver is to administer medications safely to the patient. However, more often than not, doing this has become more of a challenge for most caregivers than a responsibility. There have been thousands … Continue reading

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