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Common Reasons and Excuses for Medication Non-Compliance and How You Can Improve It

Common Reasons and Excuses for Medication Non-Compliance and How You Can Improve It

Have you ever heard yourself, or a loved one, saying things like, “I forgot to take my medications”, “I wanted to try this supplement because it’s natural,” or “I want to save money, so I’ll just take half the dose”? Forgetting to drink medicines, not taking it on time, or taking the wrong dose, are all considered medication non-compliance.

As a concerned prescription pharmacy in Long Beach, California, Atlantic Drugs lists some of the common reasons and excuses for medication non-compliance, as well as corresponding suggestions that may be able to improve it:

  • “I keep forgetting to drink my medications.”
    To avoid forgetting to drink your medications, we suggest linking it with other daily activities, such as brushing your teeth, going to bed, or eating meals. Note: Please be reminded that some medications have to be taken with meals and some without, so make sure to consult your physician or pharmacist first. Another suggestion would be to set alarms on your phone, alarm clock, or some other device.
  • “I wanted to try natural supplements because they seem safer.”
    Natural supplements aren’t strictly regulated and monitored, so its efficacy and safety are not proven. If you are really interested in taking natural supplements, make sure to consult your physician or pharmacist first.
  • “I can’t stand its side effects.”
    All medications come with some side effects; however, if it persists, make sure to consult your physician or pharmacist immediately. They may be able to reduce your dosage to alleviate the side effects, or they can prescribe other medications that won’t cause those problems.
  • “I’m feeling better, so I no longer need my medications.”
    Those medications were prescribed to you for a reason, so make sure to follow your physician or pharmacist’s instructions carefully. Even if you are feeling better, don’t stop drinking your medications if there are still some left from your prescription.
  • “Medications are too expensive, so I’ll just take half doses to save money.”
    It’s true that some medications can be expensive, but please don’t skip your doses or cut your pills in half. Taking half doses can reduce your medication’s effectiveness and can lead to serious side effects. If you are looking for less expensive medications, consult your physician or pharmacy about switching to an available generic brand.

These are just some reminders from your trusted source of pharmaceuticals in California. Keep them in mind and improve your medication compliance.

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