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How You Can Increase Your Medication Compliance

How You Can Increase Your Medication Compliance

Many of us are battling certain medical conditions that affect our lives in a negative way. We often feel pain or other symptoms associated with these conditions. Thankfully, medications are available through a doctor or a Pharmacist Prescription. These medications will be able to provide relief from such symptoms.

However, there are many patients who are unable to adhere to their medication intake due to several reasons. These may include: forgetting to take the medicines due to busy work-life schedules or due to disorders that affect the brain’s functions; running out of medications; and disliking the bitter taste of drugs.

So, how do you increase your medication compliance? You can follow the tips below.

  • Embrace the importance of medications.

    Why are you taking medications in the first place? The answer is to feel better. Make sure you understand the reason why you are taking these medicines. Once you know how important they are, you will surely focus more on taking them as scheduled and as prescribed.

  • Place your medicines in a convenient and conspicuous location.

    If you are having troubles remembering that you need to take your meds, it may help if you are able to see them and reach for them easily. For instance, you might want to consider putting your prescription bottles on top of your bedside table so that you can see them upon waking up and bring them with you to the dining table for breakfast.

  • Leave sticky notes.

    You can go the old-fashioned way of leaving sticky notes in conspicuous places. These include the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator, among others. When writing the note, make sure that you can understand it and relate it to medication intake.

  • Use alarm clocks or apps.

    Most phones have alarm clock applications so you might want to take advantage of them to improve your compliance. One advantage of using alarm apps is that you can snooze them for a certain period of time, which may come in handy if you are still doing something, such as a chore.

  • Take advantage of pharmacy services.

    There are pharmacies that offer Medication Synchronization. Through this service, the pharmacy can synchronize the refill schedules for your prescriptions to ensure that you do not run out of them.

Medication Synchronization is available at Atlantic Drugs. As a dedicated Prescription Pharmacy in Long Beach CA, we always think about the convenience and compliance of our customers, especially seniors who are having a hard time going to our pharmacy on their own. Sign up today to experience the benefits of our services. For your inquiries, you may contact us at 562-912-7940.

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