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Medication Synchronization

Medication Synchronization - Long Beach

Some people often forget to take their medicines because they have not refilled them on time. The miss in refilling can be brought about by natural forgetfulness, lack of time to drop by the pharmacy, or the number of varying medicines that needed to be taken and maintained. Our medication synchronization works fairly like auto-refills, only better.

We get all your details and synchronize the refill schedules of each of your medicine and arrange for you to pick them up on a single day in a month. Our medicine synchronization benefits you in three ways:

  • you will have higher chances of compliance because you will always have your medicine available;
  • you will save time and effort by going to the pharmacy for just a single time per month to pick up all your refills;
  • the time that you go to the pharmacy can be used to have yourself checked by the pharmacist.

Medication synchronization proves to be very useful and beneficial especially to seniors who would rather find it challenging to go out on their own. So start taking advantage of this service today. Call us at 562-912-7940 for more details on how to start enjoying this service from our Prescription Pharmacy in Long Beach, California.

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